The Prosecuting agency consists of six categories of Officers to ensure proper functioning of the Prosecution at the District and at the Regional level under the supervisory control of the Director of Prosecutions. Thus, the hierarchy of prosecuting officers in the State are as follows:
1. Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions
2. Public Prosecutors
3. Special Public Prosecutors
4. Additional Public Prosecutors
5. Associate Lawyers
6. Assistant Public Prosecutors
       Prosecution of all types of criminal cases in the Courts of Sessions Judges, Special Judges, Additional Sessions Judges, Assistant Sessions Judges, Chief Judicial Magistrates and Magistrates is being conducted by the said Prosecutors.
       A citizen or a person can file a complaint before the Directorate in writing. The complaint should be duly signed and verified by the complainant and his/her authorised representative, if any, and shall state clearly the name and address of the complainant, the name of the official against whom the complaint is made, the facts giving rise to the complaint supported with documents, if any, relied on by the complainant and relief sought from the Directorate. The Directorate shall also accept a complaint made through electronic means and a print-out of such complaint shall be taken on record of the Directorate. The complainant at the earliest possible opportunity shall sign a print-out of the complaint made through electronic means before the Directorate and the Directorate shall take steps for appropriate action. The signed print-out shall be deemed to be the complaint and it shall relate back to the date on which the complaint was made through electronic means.
       No complaint before the Directorate shall be acted upon if such complaint is frivolous or vexatious in nature. No complaint shall be made to the Directorate which may be or has been or is the subject matter of any proceeding in an appeal, revision or any judicial proceeding before any Court.
        Complaints in the nature of allegation of corruption, bribery, misconduct, lack of integrity or any other kind of mal-practice or misdemeanour on the part of Prosecutors or on the part of any Officer or other employees of the Directorate may be filed.